Moldavia comes to the Renaissance!

Thimblerig Circus had a fantastic time at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this past weekend!  Thanks to all who came out!  Especially if you braved the rain on Sunday!

We also had a great experience at the Atlanta Fringe Festival over the course of the past week!  We met so many amazing performers, and were thrilled with the kind response we received.  We definitely hope to take part in Fringe 2013!

Check out all the awesomeness that happened at the Fringe here.

This is the Thimblerig show you won’t want to miss!  We have the honor of having Caravan of Fools playing over, around, and through every single one of our stunts.  It’s going to be an amazing show, and we are incredibly excited to try pairing our styles so closely with that of this this talented group.

Jennifer Teeter will be there to show us all how it’s done when it comes to comedy, Caravan of Fools brings the gypsy-dance tunes, and Thimblerig Circus will amaze young and old with our death-defying feats and acts of wondermentation.  Come out and see a never-before performed, shiver-inducing stunt!

Doors open Friday at 9:30, with the performance staring at 10pm.

Saturday doors open at 7:30, and we will get things started at 8pm!

We look forward to seeing everyone!


Thanks to some kind photographers who were at our recent show, we have some really cool images to share with you from the Shelter!  Thanks to Brian Richardson for these specifically! Check these out:

Don't feel sorry for the ghost.

Almost as delicious as it looks

North Carolina or Bust

Hello everyone!  Though you have perhaps not heard much out of us lately, the Moldavians have been very, very busy over the past month!  We had a fantastic time at the Shelter performing with Bitter Ruin and The Extraordinary Contraptions.  Thimblerig Circus received a great write-up in conjunction with some great photos at The Backstage Beat that you should definitely check out.  You can find it all here!  The Shelter is a pretty cool venue, and we are looking forward to performing there again in January.  We will be teaming up with some talented musicians and dancers from around Atlanta to put on a silent-film-esque melodrama and variety show!  There will be more details about this to follow, but for now you should mark your calendar for January 14th, 2011! Save that date.  For concentrated greatness.

We go here!

Our next show is super exciting, because it will be Thimblerig’s very first out of state trip to perform!  We will be the Artist Du Jour at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival on November 20th and 21st!  If you can make the trip up or live in the Carolinas, you should come out!  We’d love the support, and we are putting together some pretty cool things for this event.  Also bring us a coat, because it’s probably going to be cold and we will be in tights and little else.  Like this:

Not as warm as we appear.

Only Baskov will be warm, I feel.

More soon!