Weekend Update

Too hot for the stage!

Amazingly, we got through all three events last weekend unscathed!  Everything went really well, actually.  Each venue and show was different, and I think we learned a lot from each experience.  A big thank you to all the venues and folks involved…and especially to Witness to the Apotheosis, who allowed us to fire-eat while they played one of their songs.  We enjoy fire-eating as a matter of course, but doing it while backed up with live music makes it feel particularly cool.

In other news, Thimblerig Circus will be performing at Dragon*Con!  We are THRILLED about this opportunity, which will apparently not happen just once, but twice!  We will be at the Yellow Ribbon Ball Thursday night, and then will appear again at the Time-Traveler’s Ball Sunday night.  Come out, and bring your camera.  I want every single one of these shows photographed and tagged on our Facebook, just to prove we were there.

Lastly, look for details about our Very Special Birthday Show coming up on September 25th.  Imagine:  Chainsaws and cake.  More soon!